Immune/Mood Boost Immune Boost for Kids & Adults – Powerful Immune Defense 6-in-1 Immunity Booster Support


Aevum Therapy’s Transdermal Patches will have you feeling better all day long. With up to 48 hours of relief, you’ll want to keep a ready supply on hand.

Why are our patches different? Plain and simple, it’s THE TECHNOLOGY!

Referred to as a transdermal patch, a specialty adhesive delivery system enables the active ingredient to flow (diffuse) through the skin directly into the bloodstream.
The active ingredient is housed in the adhesive.

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Immunity and Mood Boosting Patches are specially formulated to improve your immunity, mood, behavior, and more. These discreet patches can be applied anywhere on the skin you’d like extra support.

You’ll have the best day every time when you’re operating at your peak! Aevum+ Immunity and Mood Boosting Patches are made with pure ingredients to get your immune system back to full strength. They may protect you against colds, the flu, or other serious viruses that start off as just a little sniffle.

The patches will help provide an even mood so there are no worries of those tough workdays sapping away at your energy reserves before you’ve gotten through lunchtime.

Get ahead of these bad bugs and let them know from the beginning they’re trying to mess with something that is always on top of its game! Ingredients: Inert adhesives (acrylic and hydrocarbon copolymers), CBD Isolate, CBC Oil, and Proprietary Terpene Blend.

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