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    RiboGold HempX Smooth Skin Cream utilizes Nanogold/D-Ribose & Kitosan, CBD, and essential oils to rejuvenate your skin, repair crepe skin and make your body and feet feel freakishly smooth. The cream texture is slightly thinner than our other creams to allow for easier application and increased skin coverage.

    This product contains 1000mg Full Spectrum CBD per 1.7oz jar.

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    Our NanoGold/D-Ribose & Peptides anti-aging cream for normal to dry skin will help drain clogged sebaceous glands and lymph nodes and also eliminates impacted bacteria and oxidative stress. As the body ages, collagen production declines due to environmental and lifestyle factors ranging from diet and alcohol consumption to pollution and sun exposure. This loss of collagen is one of the reasons why older skin tends to develop fine lines and wrinkles at a much faster rate. Aevum HempX is able to significantly increase the amount of collagen your skin produces. This means that you will likely notice improvements in the firmness, smoothness and texture of your skin. Chronic puffiness will subside, your skin will develop an even tone and unsightly redness will vanish.

    This product contains 1000mg Full Spectrum CBD per 1.7oz jar.

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