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  • Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment
    Coming 2022

    We will help you find the help treatment that you need.
    We are passionate about providing the best care and treatment options to give each and every client the best chance at recovery.

    CannaCare Rx Clinics Rehab program allows you to choose the right treatment plan even our New comprehensive outpatient treatment program in a convenient, flexible format that allows people to get the help they need without leaving home.

    We are CannaCare Rx Clinics

    Our philosophy of One on One care to every CannaCare RX patients fighting to get off opiates or prescription drug by Educating our Friends, Family and Patients about Plant Medicine !

    We believe with the right Dr. Referenced protocols we can help our patients educate themselves about the benefits of Medical High Quality Plant Medicine over Big Pharma.

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    “To us, a healthy woman is confident in her own skin, flaws and all.”

    — Jocelyn Edmundson 

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